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Business insurance for tradesmen is designed to give your business the protection it needs and peace of mind knowing that you have a safeguard in place when things don’t stick to the plan.

Electrician Insurance

Customisable business insurance to meet the needs of every electrician and protect your business.

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Plumbers insurance

Easy and customisable business insurance to protect your plumbing business against unforeseen incidents.

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Construction insurance

Comprehensive business insurance cover for building contractors to get the right cover they need.

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Painters insurance

Comprehensive business insurance cover made easy for painters to get the right cover they need.

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Essential Tradesmen insurance cover

Business insurance is a combination of various covers or sections combined in to a single insurance policy for easy management. The combination of these sections is based on the needs of your business industry or occupation. We have taken a look at thousands of insurance polices and grouped them together on an industry and an occupation level


Portable Possessions

AKA: Tools, equipment, and electronic items

Portable possessions cover ensures your gear is protected wherever you keep it — in your vehicle, in a trailer or at a job site. Suppose you don’t own or rent the property and regularly take expensive gear to a job site. In that case, portable possessions insurance offers protection against theft.

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AKA: Bakkies, cars, vans, etc.

Motor vehicles are an essential part of doing business for most tradesman service businesses. They are needed to get to sites and clients, as well as carry tools and machines. South Africa’s roads are dangerous, and many businesses face significant losses when uninsured vehicles are involved in collisions or are stolen. Getting good motor insurance will allow you to get right back to work after an accident or theft.

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Public Liability

AKA: Third-party insurance, Product liability and defective workmanship

This cover is designed to protect you as the business owner and your employees if you're found to be legally liable for third-party claims suffered by them in connection with your business. This may include injuries, loss of or damage to property.

It is particularly important if you work in clients' homes or on their property. An example by be under defective workmanship where the Insured is a plumber and while installing a new shower, accidentally cuts through one of the water pipes.

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Business insurance for industry changers

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Recommended Tradesmen insurance cover



AKA: Office contents, plant and machinery, and stock and materials

Contents insurance is designed to provide cover for your office contents, as well as plant, machinery, and stock when an insured event occurs – such as fire, storm or theft (only limited theft cover, for comprehensive theft cover, see the Theft section).

  • Office Contents: tables, chairs, cabinets, and similar items.
  • Plant & Machinery: drill presses, CNC machines, industrial printing machines, compressors, pumps, tanks, mixing equipment, and similar items.
  • Stock & materials in trade: raw materials, manufactured or half-finished goods, traded goods, items held as samples, etc.

If you own the building where your business activities take place, you should consider Buildings insurance.

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AKA: Something or a few things got stolen

Theft is one of the most common claims tradesmen and business owners file for. Your business might be the victim of theft or fraud from outside of your business, or sometimes one of your employees may steal from you, and you’ll need Employee Dishonesty cover. The right business insurance will cover you against acts of theft and fraud, whether these come from your own employees or from outside of your business.

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Employer’s Liability

AKA: Death, injury or illness that you are legally liable to pay

Employer’s Liability insurance covers you for damages that you are legally liable to pay due to death, injury or illness of any employee which occurred while doing activities for the business.

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