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What is Covered?

Cyber Liability Insurance protects your business against a variety of cyber breaches or attacks:

Cyber liability

Defence and settlement of liability claims arising from:

  • Compromised information.
  • A system security threat incident affecting systems and data as well as causing harm to third-party systems and data.
  • Fines assessed by a government regulatory body due to an information privacy breach (including POPI), were legally allowed.

Crisis management and notification expenses

  • Public relations campaigns to limit reputational damage.
  • Costs for communications during the crisis, especially to keep affected parties informed.
  • Notification of affected parties.
  • Remediation services to safeguard affected parties, e.g., credit monitoring

First party expenses

  • Expenses for security specialists, attorneys, forensic investigators, and loss adjustors to contain, manage and recover from an incident.
  • Costs to restore, re-collect or replace data lost, stolen or corrupted due to a system security incident, or costs incurred until such point in time where it is established data can’t be recovered/restored.
  • Increased cost of working following a breach

Loss of business income

Network business interruption to compensate the organisation for system downtime and consequent loss of earnings as a result of a breach

However, Loss of Business Income shall not mean bank interest or investment income, nor include penalties paid to third parties or losses arising from claims made by third parties.

Cyber extortion

Costs to investigate and mitigate a cyber-extortion threat. Where required, costs to comply with a cyber-extortion demand.

Cyber extortion loss can be cancelled by the insurer if it is made public that your business has the cyber extortion cover.

Digital media liability

Defence and settlement of liability claims resulting from disseminated content including:

  • Defamation
  • Unintentional copyright infringement
  • Unintentional infringement of right to privacy

Specified Cyber events

Far broader than the name cyber would imply, our policy extends to cover numerous incidents including but not limited to:


Cyber Extortion & Malware

Cover for extortion, malware, viruses, ransomware, or the publishing of stolen data.


Denial of Service

Cover for the disruption to operations as a result of a denial of service attack cyber events.


Downstream Attack

Cover for a compromise of your environment resulting in damages to others.



Cover compromised digital devices and networks in the event of a cyber breach or attack.

Insider & Privilege Misuse

Cover for the unauthorised access and use of systems and data by employees and service providers.


Physical Theft & Loss

Cover for both devices and physical hard copy data.


Threats Posed by Third Party Access

Cover for threats posed by third party access into a client environment.

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Could this happen to my business?


  • An employee clicks on a link in an email and malware is downloaded which encrypts all information throughout the organisation. A ransom demand is received requiring payment in 24 hours in exchange for the key to decrypt the information.

Personal information leakage

  • The incorrect attachment is accidentally mailed out to a third-party. The attachment contains personally identifiable information belonging to employees and customers.

Service attack

  • An online platform provider suffers a denial of service attack which results in their clients’ not being able to access their hosted portals for several hours.

Things to consider

  • Dependence on data and systems:
    • If access to these was removed, could you recover from scratch and if so how long would it take and at what cost?
  • Data that you store, process, and have access to:
    • What could the impact be if data were lost or compromised (own and 3rd party)?
  • If an incident occurred, who would you get to investigate and assist in recovering from the incident?
    • Are they equipped to conduct a proper forensic investigation?
    • What would it cost to conduct a forensic investigation?
    • What could the potential impact be of not investigating and managing an incident correctly?
  • What could liability and defence costs total?
  • Do you have coverage gaps in your existing cover?

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Frequently asked Cyber insurance questions

You may need Cyber insurance if your business is exposed to the following risks:

  • Cyber extortion and malware (viruses, ransomware, or publishing of stolen data).
  • Denial of service (disruption to operations).
  • Downstream attack (a compromise of your environment resulting in damages to others).
  • Hacking.
  • Insider and privilege misuse (unauthorised access and use of systems and data by employees and service providers).
  • Physical theft and loss (both devices and physical hard copy data).
  • Threats posed by third party access into a client environment.

Your insurance policy will have its own specific list of insured events and exclusions. It is best to check with your insurer or the policy wording to confirm the details of your Cyber insurance policy. Some commonly covered and not covered items include:

What is usually included:

  • Cyber liability
  • Crisis management and notification expenses
  • First party expenses
  • Loss of business income
  • Cyber extortion
  • Digital media liability

What is usually not included?

  • Negligent business activities
  • Unlawful business activities

Sit back for a minute and think about the impact on your business if your website was taken offline?  Could your business survive the reputation damage, and the losses associated with a data breach?

You should consider what your business requires:

  • The type of risks to your business and the likely cost to manage and recover from a data breach.
  • The amount and nature of customer data you store and the security arrangements in place to protect that data.
  • Cover your suppliers, like cloud data storage suppliers, may have in place.
When under-insuring for Cyber it means that your business is at risk of having to cover the losses incurred from the profits of the business.
When over-insuring for Cyber your business will be covered in full in the event of a Cyber claim. This will also result in a higher premium.

Generally, the higher the level of risk that a business is exposed to, the higher the cost of the premium.

The amount of cover taken also affects the premium: the higher the amount of cover you take the higher your premium will be.


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