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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Simply login into your Bi-me account and you can view and download your policy documents. Alternatively, you can email  from the email address we have on file for you with the words “resend my policy documents” and we will email the documents to you.
  • Simply login to your Bi-me account and navigate to the relevant policy that you would like to make changes to. Select the amendments tab where you can answer a short form to make amendments to your policy.

    Simply login to your Bi-me account and navigate to the relevant policy. You can then click on the amendments tab and provide the updated details in this tab

    If you have an overdue payment, the team will engage directly with you. Alterntively you can send an email to

    If your payment failed, we will try to take payment again on day 7 and day 15. In the event of payment failure on day 15 your cover will cease. If you want to speak to us at any time about your payments, email us at or call us at 010 446 7750.

    Get access in 3 easy steps
    For new and existing customers
    1. Click Here then enter your email address and click ‘Recover Password’. A Password Recovery email will be sent to your nominated inbox.
    2. Click ‘Reset My Password’ within the email and a new window will open.
    3. Enter a new password and click ‘Reset’. You will now be redirected to your online account.

    1. Click the ‘Client Login’ link at the top of any page of our website.
    2. Enter your email address and password and click ‘Log In’.

    1.Login to your customer account.
    2.Select the policy you want to make changes to under 'Your Policies'.
    3. Navigate to the amendments tab where you can make changes to your policy.

    Tip: For monthly policies, the premium will be effective from your next monthly instalment and for annual policies, we will charge you immediately

    1.Login to your customer account.
    2. Select the policy that is related to the payment schedule you would like to check.
    3. Navigate to "My Documents" and select Policy Wording to view your policy with the payment details.

    1. Login to your customer account.
    2. Locate the policy you want to change under 'Your Policies'.
    3. Navigate to the amendments tab where you can request to update your payment details in a short form.
    1. Login to your customer account.
    2. Click 'Account Details' from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
    3. Enter updated details and click 'Save'.

      1. Login to your customer account.
      2. Click 'Account settings' from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
      3. Select change password.
      4. Enter your current and new password to change your current password.

      COVID-19 And Insurance

      Based on the recent amendments by the underwriters, business interruption will no longer apply to non-physical events.

      Payment Options

      1. Debit order - We offer monthly debit orders at no additional cost to you.
      2. EFT - We offer EFT's as a form of payment.
      3. Card - We do not offer card payments at the moment, but will be offering them soon.
      No. All Bi-me policies can be purchased up to 30 days in advance. This means you can get organised now and avoid the hassle later on.
      Absolutely. You can make changes to your policy online or by contacting our friendly customer support team. If there is any additional premium payable we can also arrange payment.

      Getting A Quotation

      All it takes is a few easy steps. Click 'Get Quotes' that is located at the top of any page of our website and answer a few simple questions about your business and yourself. From there we will do the rest, providing you with instant quotes right on the screen. Simple, huh?
      From beginning to end? Roughly fifteen minutes, and that’s including us emailing your policy documents directly to you. If you don’t meet the criteria necessary for instant quotes, you can still expect contact from one of our friendly agents within 24 hours to assist you.
      Yes, simply call 010 446 7750. Bi-me is all about choices, meaning you can obtain quotes and pay directly over the phone, or use our handy online service. It’s all about you! Either way, our customer support team is just that, at your service!
      Quotes are valid for 30 days. If your quote has expired, we can provide you with a new one.

      We’re proud to work with some of South Africa’s leading insurers. Currently insurers providing instant online quotes are:

      • Hollard
      • Discovery
      • ITOO

      Although some insurers/brokers have different policies, most insurers/brokers have the same cancellation process. Send your current insurer/broker an email with the following text: “I would like to cancel my policy [insert policy number], effective from [insert date that you would like to cancel from].”

      It is best to only cancel your current insurance once cover with your new insurer is in place.

      Policy Information

      Once payment has been provided, you will receive an email with your policy documents, which will also be available to view on our website.
      An email with these documents will be sent to you immediately upon payment.
      To access your policy online, you can login from our homepage, with the username and password you created first time around.
      You’re in the driver’s seat meaning you have the ability to make amendments during the policy period. Simply use your username and password to login on our website or call 010 446 7750 and we’ll do the rest.
      We receive a commission from the insurers from the premium payable when your policy is issued. We also charge customers who purchase a policy through our service a platform fee. See our Platform Fees for further details.

      Although some insurers/brokers have different policies, most insurers/brokers have the same cancellation process. Send your current insurer/broker an email with the following text: “I would like to cancel my policy [insert policy number], effective from [insert date that you would like to cancel from].”

      It is best to only cancel your current insurance once cover with your new insurer is in place.

      Policy Renewals

      The best approach is to call our friendly customer support team who can make the necessary amendments to your account and provide you with a new policy price (if applicable) over the phone. Or you can go online and update your details and you’ll receive new quotes based on your new information.
      If you pay to renew your policy before the policy period ends, you won’t be short-changed! Your cover will be continuous, and the renewed policy will not commence until the previous policy period has ended. You will get the full policy period for which you have paid.

      We realise that you would prefer to be focusing on running your business, we’ve tried to make our renewal process as simple as possible. Most of our customers qualify for auto-renewal, which means we will send you an email no less than 21 days before your policy is due to expire. If nothing has changed your policy can be automatically renewed. No-fuss!

      If you don’t qualify for auto-renewal or need to amend information contained in your previous declaration, there’s no need to worry, we will step you through this process when the time comes.

      We are focused on making life as easy for our customers as possible, including cutting out unnecessary work. Auto-renewals mean we can do all the work and renew the policy so that customers can relax knowing that their cover is continuous.

      If you don’t want your policy to automatically renew, just let us know.

      The process is simple. We will send you an email 21 days before your policy is due to expire with your renewal details, including the renewal amount and the last four digits of the credit card used to make the payment.

      If your details are all still correct and there are no changes to the declarations you previously made, then there is nothing else for you to do. We will charge your card three business days before your expiry date. If you need to make any changes you can call one of our friendly agents on 010 446 7750 and they will be happy to help.

      We will continue to use EFT's as well as debit order information that you gave us. If your details have changed, just let us know.
      That’s not a problem at all. Contact us at least 15 days before the renewal date for assistance. We do send out an email 30 days before the renewal date with information, feel free to respond to this email or call us on 010 446 7750 to request the cancellation of the renewal.
      You can give us a call on 010 446 7750 within days of your renewal and we will make arrangements to refund your premium in full (to ensure there are no misunderstandings, we will send an email to you asking you to email us back confirming your intention to cancel the policy).

      Privacy & Security

      We take pride in our top-notch security system, which utilises encrypting via SSL, and in our payments service provider QSURE. These world-class services mean your details will be secure from activation onwards. You can always read more about how we deal with privacy by reading our privacy policy.
      Because our service is all about finding great insurance for you, we require some personal information to obtain those tailored quotes. You can trust that your information is safe with us and will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. We would never sell or trade our customer information. We may occasionally send you marketing material and other special offers which you can opt-out of at any time.

      Cancellation Information

      Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time although you should think carefully before you do. Depending on the type of policy you hold it may be that you need a policy at the time the claim is made against you (not when the actual work was done).

      Because we can’t predict when or if these claims will happen, it’s a good idea to always have a cover. Most retirees even have cover long after the work is done! If you have to cancel your policy we do require written notice. Cancellations can be done by emailing us at or by calling us, after which we will send you an email requiring a confirmatory response. Don’t forget to include your policy number and the date when you’d like the cancellation to take place.

      Your insurer will retain a proportion of the premium, calculated pro-rata as at the cancellation date (to cover the period in which the insurer has been at risk). There may also be associated fees, charges and minimum amounts otherwise payable. You should consider your individual policy wording.

      Making A Claim

      We will assist you with the claims process.  Your insurer will need as much information about your claim as possible to assess your claim in accordance with your policy terms.  Insurers will typically make an initial assessment of your claim within 10 days.

      However, urgent claims can be assessed in a shorter timeframe. More information on the claims process is available here.

      In order to make a claim (or report a circumstance which may lead to a claim), you will need to complete a claims form, that can be found here. 

      Once completed please send it by email to: and we’ll manage the process directly with your insurer.

      Let’s first go over the correct terminology. A claim is generally defined as another party making a threat or demand against you which seeks compensation for negligence or your alleged wrongful actions. It will include written demands, any court documents served on.  When you hold a business insurance pack, a claim will also arise when an insured event occurs causing loss (i.e. a fire or theft).

      A circumstance generally occurs before a formal claim is made, where a reasonable person in your position would know that a claim may arise in the future due to a specific event, act or omission having occurred. If this sounds like it’s happening to you, report it ASAP by completing a claim form and sending it by email to:

      Making A Complaint

      Here at Bi-me, we welcome and value customer feedback. While we hope it never happens, we want you to tell us if you are dissatisfied with our products or service.  If you have a complaint please let us know, as it gives us an opportunity to address your concerns and improve.

      Our complaints and dispute resolution service is available to you free of charge.

      If you have a complaint, please contact us on 010 446 7750 or email us at soon as possible so that we may attempt to address your concerns.

      For further information on our complaint process as well as external resolution options, see our Complaints resolution.

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