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Discover cost-effective, uncomplicated, and smooth business insurance, meticulously designed for your esteemed business clients.

A Solution For Every Business

Incorporate Bi-me's top-tier business insurance seamlessly into your website or app, effortlessly enhancing the benefits you provide to your customers or workforce with just a simple click.

Brands & Associations

Do you maintain a connection or online visibility within a community that small businesses rely on? Do you wield influence with a substantial follower base?

Enroll in Bi-me's affiliate initiative and receive compensation for each policy successfully sold!

Fintechs & Applications

Do you possess an application or an internet-based enterprise?

Incorporate Bi-me seamlessly into your platform's framework, enabling your users or contractors to obtain coverage within minutes and guaranteeing their continuous protection.

Accountants & Brokers

Do you hold the necessary insurance selling credentials and boast a client base that places their confidence in your ethical practices?

Directly recommend businesses through our agent portal, receiving notifications about successful sales and the commissions you've earned.

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Why Partner With Bi-me?

Simplifying the process of providing insurance is our specialty. Effortlessly integrate Bi-me into your operations. You'll be able to use our platform within days, streamlining your insurance services quickly and efficiently.
Our round-the-clock sales monitoring tool grants you immediate awareness when an individual purchases Bi-me through your platform and verifies the status of their coverage. Receive notifications each time a contractor secures coverage, accompanied by a link to their up-to-date certificate of insurance.
Navigating the intricacies of the insurance sector involves strict regulations. Make use of our internally developed marketing resources to conscientiously promote and recommend business insurance while adhering to compliance standards.
Forge a collaborative brand experience by leveraging Bi-me's exclusive technological platform to swiftly finalize insurance quotes and sales within minutes.
Maximize earnings through Bi-me's partnership and programs. Seamlessly integrate our  solutions into your platform, enabling associates, clients, and contractors to access instant quotes. Join Bi-me today to unlock diverse revenue streams and empower your business.
Bi-Me_API Interface_graphicBi-Me_API Interface_graphic

Why Partner With Bi-Me?

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Seamless Integration

Employ Bi-me's exclusive APIs to seamlessly provide plug-and-play insurance in a matter of minutes. Access immediate insurance quotes for both your business customers and contractors, all conveniently integrated into your platform.

Completely Customisable

Benefit from Bi-me's completely adaptable and jointly branded purchasing journey, enabling your audience to buy insurance directly from your website or application within a matter of minutes.

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      Please note our agents are representatives under supervision.

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        Please note our agents are representatives under supervision.