The evolution of Discovery Insure - Two Decades of Innovation

Established over two decades ago, Discovery Insure began its journey as a specialised health insurer with a profound mission: to make people healthier. Evolving through constant innovation, the company expanded its vision to encompass enhancing and protecting lives.

Rooted in its founding ideal, Discovery has grown into a multifaceted, integrated financial services organization operating across four continents. The core purpose drives the offering of a range of health and financial products designed to add significant value to the lives of nearly six million clients worldwide. With a client-centric approach at its core, Discovery has pioneered products and services, focusing on health, wellness, and financial security. Through the Shared-value Insurance model, tangible benefits are delivered to clients, insurers, and society at large.

Today, as a proudly South African-founded institution, Discovery Insure stands as a beacon of excellence, innovation, and financial strength in the global insurance landscape.


Discovering Excellence: How Discovery Rises Above the Rest?

Discovery Insure is dedicated to improving lives through innovative products and a customer-focused approach. Their wide range of health and financial services aims to add significant value to the lives of our nearly six million clients worldwide. What makes Discovery unique is our pioneering product design, which meets clients' complex needs sustainably. This approach ensures real value, protection, and efficiency, driving demand and fostering rapid growth. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and financial strength, Discovery Insure is committed to being one of the best insurance organizations globally.

     Why choose Discovery Insure?


Operational in 41 Markets

Discovery extends its reach across 41 global markets, offering innovative health and financial solutions to individuals worldwide


Over 40 Million lives benefited

With over 40 million lives covered, Discovery plays a pivotal role in securing the health and financial well-being of individuals and families globally.


Over 13 700  employees

Discovery's dedicated team of over 13,700 employees forms the backbone of Discovery Insurance's global operations, committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business.


Market cap of over R100 Billion

Demonstrating Discovery's financial robustness and market prominence, Discovery Insure commands a market capitalization of R100 billion as of September 2023, fueling the ability to drive forward ambitious growth and innovation agendas.

Highlighting Excellence: Awards Earned by Discovery

Discovery's commitment to innovation and excellence has been recognized through multiple prestigious awards, showcasing its leadership in the insurance industry.

Among these accolades is the Johns Hopkins University's 2020 Starfield Award, awarded for the project "Reducing disparities in the delivery of primary healthcare by reducing unnecessary emergency department visits."

Additionally, Discovery's Hospital at Home offering garnered Gold in the Product and Service Innovation category at the Efma-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards. Furthermore, Discovery Life's Vaccination Max PayBack product clinched the Silver award in the Social, Sustainable, and Responsible category.

These accolades underscore Discovery's ongoing commitment to reducing disparities, and promoting social responsibility, reaffirming its position as a global leader in insurance innovation.


Find Your Perfect Policy with Discovery Insure

Discover an extensive selection of insurance products offered by Discovery Insure.

Explore our diverse range of insurance solutions tailored for businesses across all sectors. From Comprehensive Business Insurance, providing protection against property damage and operational disruptions, to Public & Product Liability (Broadform) coverage, safeguarding against legal claims and damages, our offerings are designed to meet your needs effectively.

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Comprehensive business insurance

Discovery Insurance offers Comprehensive Business Insurance for businesses of all sizes and industries, providing protection against risks like property damage, lawsuits, and unexpected disruptions to operations.

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Public & Product Liability (broadform)

Discovery offers Public and Product Liability Insurance for businesses and entrepreneurs, providing protection against legal claims and damages resulting from injuries, property damage, or harm caused by their products or services to third parties.