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Essential Photographers insurance cover

Business insurance combines various covers or sections into a single insurance policy for easy management. The combination of these sections is based on the needs of your photography business. We have taken a look at thousands of insurance policies from other photography businesses to give you an idea of the essential cover needed. Still, it is always best to look at what is necessary for your business, as all businesses are unique and have different needs.


Public Liability

AKA: Third-party insurance

Photographer Public Liability cover is designed to protect you as the business owner and your employees if you're found to be legally liable for third-party claims suffered by them in connection with your business, which may include injuries, loss or damage to property.

Public Liability is essential for most businesses as even a minor scratch on a client's personal property could lead to claims against your business. It is vital when working in clients' homes or on their property.

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Photography Equipment Insurance

AKA: Portable Possessions (Business All Risks)

Your photography equipment is essential to your business's success and continuation should an unforeseeable event happen where you suffer a loss or damage to it.

Having your equipment insured with the right cover can help you in the event that they break, get lost, or are stolen. With portable possessions cover you get worldwide cover for loss or damage to your photography equipment, so no matter where you are in the world you can have peace of mind knowing you are covered.

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Employer’s Liability

AKA: Death, injury or illness that you are legally liable to pay

Employer’s Liability insurance covers you for damages that you are legally liable to pay due to death, injury or illness of any employee which occurred while doing activities for the business.

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