PAIA Manual

31 May 2022


  1. Introduction
  2. Our details
  3. The Act
  4. Applicable legislation
  5. Access to records and availability
  6. How to request access to records
  7. Prescribed fees
  8. Availability of our Manual
  9. Updates to our Manual


We are Bi-me (Pty) Ltd, a Financial services Provider operating within the financial services industry in South Africa and registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

Our client-base consists of Small and Medium sized Business purchasing their business insurance policies through the Bi-me Online Platform.

We shall use our reasonable best efforts to provide services in a commercially reasonable manner and with the care, diligence, and skill that a prudent compliance practice would possess and exercise.

The purpose of this Manual is to tell you what type of information we have, and where applicable help you to access our information and any other information that we have.


Our details are as follows:

Registered Company Name:Bi Me (Pty) Ltd
Registration Number:2021/309002/07
Date of Incorporation:07 January 2021
FSP Number:51534
Business Address:15 Christopherson Road, Dunkeld 2196
Postal Address:15 Christopherson Road, Dunkeld 2196
Telephone:010 446 7750
Directors:F Potgieter (Managing Director) R Hopley Y Hockman A Kantor

We have appointed one information officer for our company.

Information OfficerMr Francois Potgieter
Business and Postal AddressSame as above
Contact Telephone: 011 446 7750


3.1 Some key objectives of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) are to promote transparency, accountability and effective governance of all public and private bodies.

3.2 The Information Regulator is responsible for the regulatory mandate functions relating to PAIA.

3.3 PAIA grants a requester access to records of our company, if the record is required for the exercise or protection of any rights. If a public body lodges a request, the public body must be acting in the public interest.

3.4 Requests in terms of PAIA shall be made in accordance with the prescribed procedures, at the rates provided. The forms and charges are dealt with in paragraphs 6 and 7.

3.5 Requesters are referred to the ‘Guide’ compiled by the Information Regulator, which is available in

a range of official languages and contains information for the purposes of exercising constitutional


Please contact the Information Regulator or visit their website for more information on how you can get access to information under PAIA, and to access the Guide.

The contact details of the Information Regulator are:

Postal address:             P.O Box 3153, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2017

Physical address:          JD House, 27 Stiemens Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001

Phone number:             010 023 5200


E-Mail address:    (general enquiries) (to lodge a complaint)

The Guide can also be made available upon request, in writing, to our information officer.


The records we hold for the purposes of PAIA are in terms of various laws; the main laws are as follows, although not limited to:

Ref                                           Act

No 75 of 1997                           Basic Conditions of Employment Act

No 53 of 2003                           B-BBEE Act

No 55 of 1998                           Employment Equity Act

No 130 of 1993                         Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease Act

No 66 of 1995                           Labour Relations Act

No 85 of 1993                           Occupational Health and Safety Act

No 30 of 1996                           Unemployment Insurance Act

No 68 of 2008                           Consumer Protection Act

No 61 of 1973                           Companies Act

No 25 of 2002                           Electronic Communications and Transactions Act

No 37 of 2002                           Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act

No 121 of 1998                         Prevention of Organised Crime Act

No 38 of 2001                           Financial Intelligence Centre Act

No 12 of 2004                           Prevention & Combating of Corrupt Activities

No 33 of 2004                           Prevention of Constitutional Democracy Against Terrorist & Related Activities

No 2 of 2000                             Promotion of Access of Information Act

No 4 of 2013                             Protection of Personal Information Act

No 89 of 1991                           Value Added Tax Act

No 19 of 2020                           Cybercrimes Act


We hold the following subjects and categories of records.

Please be advised that, as specified below, not all records are automatically available. The method of requesting information is detailed further on in this Manual.

Public AffairsInformation on our services Marketing material Public corporate records Media releasesFreely available on our website at
Company and Business:Financial statements Financial and tax records (Company & Employees) Banking details and records Asset register Share register Management accounts Finance agreements Rental agreements Insurance arrangements Minutes of board of directors’ meetings Records relating to the appointment of directors, auditor, secretary, etc. Operational records and internal correspondence Standard operating procedures and company policiesNot automatically available. We are a Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) – and we are not required to disclose this information or make it freely available
 Documents of incorporation Directors’ namesAvailable from CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission)
PersonnelRecords relating to current and previous staff Contractual agreements with service providers and consultantsNot automatically available
Client informationDetails about our clients, their contact information, their personnel, and our services and communications to themNot automatically available

Description of the categories of data subjects (the individual to which the information relates) and of the information or categories of information relating thereto, in terms of the information we process:

Categories of Data SubjectsPersonal Information that may be processed includes
Service providers and consultantsNames, registration number, vat numbers, address, trade secrets and bank details.
EmployeesName, address, phone and personal e-mail contact, qualifications, salary, bank details, gender, race, religion, next of kin, medical details, and disciplinary matters.
Directors and shareholdersSame as ‘Employees’
Our clientsBusiness information of the company, including name, address, registration numbers or identity numbers, bank details. Business plans, budgets, intellectual property, trade secrets, third party service provider details. Details of customer / policyholder complaints.

Our purposes for processing personal information, who we share information with, any transborder flows of such information, as well as our information security measures are detailed within our Privacy statement, which is available on our website.


To facilitate the processing of your request, kindly:

6.1 Use the prescribed form, available on the website of the Information Regulator at under the section ‘Documents / Forms’.

6.2 Address your request to our Information Officer.

6.3 Provide sufficient details to enable us to identify:

(a) The record(s) being requested;

(b) The requester (and if an agent is lodging the request, proof of capacity);

(c) The form of access required;

(d)        i) The postal address, email address or fax number of the requester in the            


ii) If the requester wishes to be informed of the decision in any manner (in

    addition to written), the manner and particulars thereof;

(e) The right which the requester is seeking to exercise or protect with an explanation of

     the reason the record is required to exercise or protect the right.

All requests will be carefully considered in terms of PAIA. Our Information Officer will notify you in writing as to whether your request for access has been approved or denied. You will receive such notification within 30 days after we have received the fully completed request form.

Please note that in certain cases, we may refuse you access to the requested record/s in order to protect others. This can include the following instances where we have a duty to:

  • Protect the privacy of a third party
  • Protect confidential information in terms of an agreement
  • Protect the privacy and safety of a person or a juristic person
  • Protect information in legal proceedings

You will however be notified of the reasons in writing should we refuse to provide the requested record/s to you.

If your request for access is denied or we do not handle your request in an acceptable manner, and after allowing us the opportunity to respond to and attempt to resolve the issue, you are still dissatisfied, you may lodge a complaint with the Information Regulator by completing a Complaint Form and submitting it to, or you can complete the online complaint form available at

The Complaint Form is available on the website of the Information Regulator at under the section ‘Documents / Forms’.

For your ease of access, our website contains a link to the Information Regulator’s website.


You will be required to pay a fee to us, as stipulated by law, before your request is considered or the records that you have requested are made available to you. Records may be withheld until the applicable fee/s have been paid.

You may have to pay a further access fee for any time that has exceeded the prescribed hours to search and prepare the requested record/s.

The prescribed fees are set out in Annexure B of the Regulations relating to the Promotion of Access to Information, 2021, as issued by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.

A copy of the Regulations can be made available upon request to our Information Officer.


Our Manual, in English, is available on our website.


We may update this Manual at any time and without notice to you whenever we make material changes to the current information, by publishing an updated version on our website, and from the stated revision date our amended Manual will then be applicable.